We’re Changing Our Name to Sage HR

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From today, CakeHR is officially being renamed to Sage HR, signalling our commitment to creating seamless experiences for our customers.

We’re changing the name of CakeHR to Sage HR today.

Since the acquisition by Sage a year ago, we have been working hard to integrate both the product and the team into the Sage family. We have launched CakeHR to multiple markets including the UK, Canada, South Africa and the US. And that’s on top of the 40+ countries where CakeHR is already being used today.

With the upcoming integration with Sage Business Cloud Payroll in the UK, we’ll be able to offer an integrated HR & Payroll suite, the full package for small businesses , that gives us a winning and unrivalled proposition to help small businesses survive and thrive in today’s world of work

Looking back, it’s almost unbelievable. In just 12 months, CakeHR has become part of the Small Business product suite, joining already existing long-established products. We’ve come a long way from a small team in Latvia building a HR software in an office!

As a founder, this is the best possible outcome and validation that we’ve built the right thing at the right time. This is a true commitment to continuing to deliver the best-in-class product that provides value to our customers.

How will this affect you? This won’t change how you use the product. Your existing login details will still work, and you’ll be automatically redirected to the new domain name.

What else is new?

Alongside the name change, there’ll be a few technical changes as well:

  • Our domain name is changing from cake.hr to sage.hr
  • All names and references to CakeHR will be changed to Sage HR in the product itself
  • Our logo has a new design

We’re excited about what’s to come and we’re delighted that you’re coming on this journey with us.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to help small businesses survive and thrive in today’s world of work! 🙂

Kaspars Upmanis

Co-founder, CakeHR

VP Category Leader, Sage HR


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