Tips on How to Make Sure Your Business is GDPR Compliant

Is GDPR Working?

#1 Ticketmaster

#2 British Airways

GDPR: A Strong Message

GDPR Best Practices

1. Always Encrypt Your Data

  1. At -Rest Encryption — a data encryption service that protects data from the server-side and client-side.
  2. In-Transit Encryption — protects your data while it is moving or in transit.

2. Make Sure You Understand Your Compliance Responsibility

3. Know Your Scope of Compliance

4. Always Be Proactive

5. Create a Security-First Culture

The Role of HR Tech in GDPR


  • Always encrypting data
  • Having a full understanding of your compliance responsibility
  • Knowing the extent of your compliance
  • Being proactive
  • Creating a security-first culture inside the organization



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