How to Turn Disengaged Employees into Brand Ambassadors 😃

Once the company culture has been defined, ideally every action, strategy, decision and communication should support the cultural beliefs — including all HR mechanisms from recruitment and hiring processes to performance review systems.

Did you know that your employees are connected to 10x more people than your brand and companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%.

Step 1: Engaging the disengaged

Step 2: Communication

Step 3: Trust and transparency

Organizations need solid analytics and reporting tools to follow the progress of ambassadors, while influencers need an easy way to collaborate and demonstrate that their tasks are complete and successful

Step 4: Create and maintain a positive work environment

Creating a positive work culture can do wonders for productivity

Step 5: Be more personable

Step 6: Offer incentives

Step 7: Give over some control

Step 8: Provide employees with the right tools

Step 9: Training

Your employees might not realize it, but they’re actively promoting your company’s values, mission and goals every time they post on social media

Step 10: Hand out the merchandise

Step 11: Recognition

It pays to be really good at employee recognition

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