How does HR tech add value to SMB companies?

Purpose built SaaS products will see hyper growth and adoption by SMBs, and will contribute to more than 75% of the public cloud revenues driving the global SaaS industry to $ 132B revenues by 2020, of which SMB SaaS is expected to reach $76B

  1. Mostly cloud-based
  2. For companies of all sizes
  3. One online dashboard
  4. Easy and convenient
  5. Innovative and automated
  6. Organized, visually appealing
  7. Scalable
  8. Flexibility
  9. Data storage
  10. Access to data from anywhere at anytime

Revolutionizing the HR practice

1) Transforming core HR

2) Integrating information into HR processes

3) Analyzing tons of HR data

4) Facilitating communication

5) Flexible integration

6) Enterprise-grade security

🔗HR Management Software CakeHR



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Sage HR

Sage HR


Sage HR improves how you engage, retain and get the very best out of your people. Easily manage all HR processes in one place — from anywhere.