From today, CakeHR is officially being renamed to Sage HR, signalling our commitment to creating seamless experiences for our customers.

We’re changing the name of CakeHR to Sage HR today.

After a long wait Facebook has finally disclosed the details of its cryptocurrency, Libra, an easy and faster way to transact money from anywhere to any part of the world with nearly zero transaction charges.

The demand for blockchain in the HR industry is rapidly growing, as Libra is developed on blockchain technology, it will have its impact on the Human Resource industry.

So How Libra will impact HR function?

Recruitment in the HR industry consumes most of the time, sometimes the organizations take help from third party agencies or recruiters to get back the time.

The candidate’s information…

As graduation season comes to a close and people start to plan for their summer vacation, a new season arrives in the workplace: intern season

Many of us experienced one (if not more) summer internships during our college years, and some may even credit those times for paving the way for their future careers.

But, then again, many of us may look back at those internships with horror and dread. Unfortunately, the Hollywood stereotype of the mistreatment of interns is often the case. Since interns are often times unpaid and unexperienced, they are often left to do the least desirable…

You don’t have to do every little thing on your own. Digital technology has solved many problems faced by small business owners. Let it solve yours!

Business process automation (BPA), also known as business automation or digital transformation, is the technology-enabled automation of complex business processes. As a small business owner, manager, or entrepreneur, one of your biggest challenges is to inspire people to give their best at work. There’s a delicate balance between getting things done and enjoying work. If you find this sweet spot, everyone in your team will be happy, productive, and efficient.

Making your teams more productive

Leading employees and making…

Developing your salary negotiation skills is useful for both employees and HRs.

Having the experience of sitting on both sides of the negotiation table, I can relate to the candidates I’m negotiating with as an HR manager. After all, I and other HRs have all gone through the same negotiation process as candidates before getting our positions. Many people feel uncomfortable negotiating their salaries. It makes us feel like there is a conflict and most of us don’t want to come off as pushy.

Don’t get me wrong, there are also those people who have no trouble at all to…

Making sure your new startup company gets started off on a good foot is paramount to a startup’s success. Employees that are as highly productive as possible will help to get your business name remembered and get repeat customers buying, again and again.

Employees are the most important asset that any startup has at its disposal. After starting a business , it is the workforce that enables the business to achieve its goals and deliver quality services to its clients. It is therefore imperative for the management to come up with ways to assist employees to do their best.


Technological solutions help us in each aspect of life. It brings solutions and new ideas for Each sphere. Nowadays people concentrate on bringing tech solution into HR and recruiting processes. We have already several companies using the new technology, hiring the best talents, improving and monitoring employee performance.

The human resource industry is ever-changing and evolving — thanks to the innovative solutions provided by creative HR tech startups.

Using the new technology, hiring the best talents, improving and monitoring employee performance — processes critical to business growth and success — are made possible and much easier.

How Technology is Changing HR Management

Human resource is central…

Don’t mess up with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)… unless you’re willing to pay a 4% annual revenue fine 😰

In an effort to strengthen the EU’s defence against data privacy breaches, the European Union launched the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on May 25, 2018.

GDPR is designed to replace the already dated Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and harmonize all data privacy laws across Europe.

The main focus of the GDPR “ is to protect and empower all EU citizens data privacy and to reshape the way organizations across the region approach data privacy.”

GDPR was received with mixed…

During this exciting time of digital transformation, innovative HR solutions are set to take centre stage next year. Here, we take a look at 8 HR technology trends we believe will dominate 2019.

Off the back of reading a recent thought-provoking article by Courtney Moran at G2Crowd, which looks at their predicted 5 major HR tech innovations for 2019, it made us want to explore further and look at some of the ways HR technology will support other important HR operations over the next 12 months.

After 2018 has proven to be the year of addressing the serious issues surrounding…

Here are the real reasons why you are not allowed to work from home.

Most studies into the workforce, dating as early as the 1980s, predicted that white-collar employees would be working from home by now. The prediction has not come true. Why is that? Well, there are tons of reasons why work from home programs are challenged by employees all over the board. In fact, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, only about 24% of employed people worked from home in 2015. These statistics are somewhat startling. Technology has come along way to facilitate faster remote work

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