8 HR Tech Trends of 2019 👉

1/ Continued efforts to boost employee engagement

2/ Equal and diverse practices

3/ A ground-breaking approach to sexual harassment training (and quite possibly any corporate training for that matter)

4/ Fostering an inclusive and respectful company culture

5/ The employee experience (EX)

6/ Introduction of AI across multiple HR operations

“Companies are increasingly leveraging AI technology to help identify data opportunities, improve internal workflows, and increase productivity, to name a few.” – Courtney Moran, G2 Crowd

7. An agile organisation business model

  • Team based performance management
  • Goal and objective sharing
  • Feedback
  • Assigning, managing and overseeing projects
  • Real time communication
  • Ability to create and dismantle team collaborations in line with business needs
  • Less restrictive roles

8/ Remote working as a ‘norm’

CakeHR in 2019

“The HR industry is currently experiencing a deluge of innovation, and the business of creating ground breaking HR solutions is booming. The design, intelligence, and adaptability of HR management software will continue to evolve as new HR tools are developed. These indispensable solutions will help companies improve employee engagement, diversify their workforce, rethink sexual harassment training, expand corporate wellness solutions, and augment AI-based HR operations.” – Courtney Moran, Research Specialist at G2 Crowd

  1. Boost employee engagement
  2. Promote equal and diverse practices
  3. Virtual reality immersive training
  4. Foster an inclusive and respectful company culture
  5. The employee experience
  6. AI across HR operations
  7. Agile business model
  8. Remote working
🔗HR Management Software CakeHR



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