7 Unique Ways in Which HR Systems are Creating an Organization of Tomorrow 🤖

The evolution of people analytics (Source: Al Adamsen)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its broadest sense is laying the foundation for an HR landscape where response to external changes is fast and effortless and internal threats are identified and eliminated, without creating a culture of constant supervision.
  • One branch of AI, in particular Machine Learning (ML) is making vast inroads where boosting the productivity of the workforce, the HR department personnel and the entire organization is concerned. ML is integrated in virtual assistants and chatbots that are removing the need for middle-men and handing the ability to manage work-life balance directly to talent.

1) Fostering Employee Intimacy & Empowerment

New research reveals surprising truths about why some work groups thrive and others falter.
  • Tools with advanced language processing and predictive capabilities can launch anonymous polls to gauge the opinion, sentiments and inputs of employees, sort them into logical categories and point out future possibilities based on what the pulse of the work force is saying in the present.
  • These tools also gather recommendations and suggestions from employees, rank them on the basis of robustness and validity and bring them to the attention of the management.
  • Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence take on the most human friendly form in chatbots and virtual assistants. Progressive HR systems like CakeHR boast bots that integrate with team messaging platforms and respond to specific commands.

2) Initiating a Shift from Performance Reviews to Performance Consulting

  • Performance is now viewed as something that is not as easy to judge as deliverables on time. A lot goes on behind the scenes which if not accounted for may leave quiet, hard working talent in the shadows.
  • Performance reviews don’t play nice with integration and collaboration. This is the reason why the term “consulting” is being used to phase out reviews.

3) Learning in Real Time

Zunos is a digital learning platform designed to help companies educate their workforce using microlearning. Create training courses and deliver them in bite-sized pieces so your people can learn and retain more.

4) Identifying Nodes, Peripherals and Brokers

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) explained

5) Improving Retention

The “balloon game” measures a candidate’s relationship to risk.

6) Focusing on Outcome, Not Department Size

7) Protection Through Security & Privacy

  • Financial records
  • Medical records
  • Device related information like IP addresses
  • Deleting employee records if they don’t serve an imminent purpose
  • Ensuring the best possible security and encryption for employee records (including storing them on servers in the EU if the employees are EU citizens)
  • Allowing employees the right to view the full range of data businesses have on them, without bureaucracy
  • Employees will be trusted, empowered and valued
  • Efficiency and performance will be all about journeys, instead of the destination
  • Talent will be tapped in ways never thought of before
  • Hiring and retention will revolve around starting right
  • The focus will be on key HR objective outcomes, instead of department size
  • Employee privacy and data security will cease to be an after thought
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